The word “Greenas” combines two other words in one: the English word “green”, and the Lithuanian word “grynas”, meaning “real”, “clean” and “simple”.

Greenas is not only a new haircare product line or the name of a beauty parlour; it is also a new idea, a new outlook on beauty. Our objectives are naturalness, being environmentally friendly and love for ourselves and the client.

Any conscious modern person aims for responsible use, safe self-improvement, cherishing and well-being.

Greenas objective

To cherish beauty and health by combining naturalness with advanced technologies.

Awareness of importance of proper care of our environment and health should lead us to consciously choose products, which do not harm the environment – since prevention is always a much more efficient measure than treatment.

“Show me what is on your bathroom shelf, and I will tell who you are” – a challenge issued by the producers of the first Lithuanian line of professional natural haircare measures – Greenas.

We do not need any products that create illusory results; we can achieve the same result with Greenas’s safe and natural haircare products. However, these results will be real and long-term, not illusory.

It’s true that we cannot live as safely and as ecologically as our grandmothers, since the world is not safe, but we can choose the safest, most effective and non-harmful measures of all of the alternatives offered to us. We should not have to choose between beauty and health – we can combine both of those things.

Improve health forbidden harm.

Where will you place the coma?

Greenas brand creators:

Olga Wiseman

A professional, highly qualified master of style and image creation, as well as a fashion analyst, the head manager and co-owner of Greenas beauty parlour, and co-author of Greenas’s professional haircare line.

Olga has worked in the fashion market for twenty years. She studied at the London School of Beauty and Make Up London College of Fashion, and has earned several make up qualifications.

She has worked with some of the most famous names in the world in the beauty industry (Toni&Guy, Wella International, Make up Forever, Sassoon Academy, Dolores Academy) and her work has contributed to such events as Mados Infekcija (“Fashion Infection”), Lietuvos Eurovizija (“Lithuanian Eurovision”), Miss Lietuva (“Miss Lithuania”), Vyru Mados Savaite (“Men’s Fashion Week”), and to the presentation of the Wicky, Frunze and Lanvin collections. She has created a personal collection of bridal makeup and hairdressing.

Olga is one of the leading hairdressing and image stylists in Lithuania; she helps masters to improve their qualifications in the areas of colour management, hairdressing and blow-dry hairdressing; she leads make-up courses and training courses about fashion, beauty and image creation. She works backstage at fashion shows, develops the images of representatives of the world of entertainment, and provides hairdressing services to a number of people working in television.

Since Olga has liked different colours very much since childhood, she became interested in painting, beauty and fashion. She was also interested in the fashion tendencies and its history. That allowed Olga to notice that fashion repeats itself periodically. It became interesting for her to learn more about the origins of fashion, how it has changed and the reasons for this. She became very interested in this subject and began collecting information regarding beauty and fashion, before deciding to share her knowledge about this interesting topic. She wanted to transfer this knowledge in a special way, to give celebration celebration of creativity  to herself and others, and so she published a cognitive, historical book, Grozio galia (“The Power of Beauty”), where she detailed her collected experience.

The stylist forms her works through finding symbiosis between unity and harmony in the external reflection of people. She believes that every woman is beautiful and wants every one of them to find not only their external but also their internal beauty. She wants all women to find their harmonious relationship with beauty.

Viktorija Parutytė

Although she received a master’s degree in construction engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Viktorija Parutyte chose a more creative walk of life and became a hairdresser. Viktorija’s experience in the beauty industry now spans more than thirteen years. She is a professional image creation master, the creative manager and founder of Greenas beauty parlour, the co-author of the concept for the Greenas professional haircare line, and a Kevin Murphy expert and trainer in Lithuania and the Baltic states.

Viktorija has studied cosmetology, make-up and hairdressing secrets while attending many world-class courses and training sessions. She has gained experience from a number of famous hairdressers, both in Lithuania and abroad.

She was the winner of the open hairdresser championship in 2013, winning in the men’s classic and creative hairdressing category. She was a finalist in the Wella Trend Vision competition in 2014. In 2015, she became the winner of the Kevin Murphy Golden Key award. She has worked on projects such as Mados Infekcija (“Fashion Infection”), Lietuvos Eurovizija (“Lithuanian Eurovision”), Miss Lietuva (“Miss Lithuania”) and Vyru Mados Savaite (“Men’s Fashion Week”) and on Estonian fashion week. Her works are published in the most popular Lithuanian publications and she is trusted by famous entertainers, businesspeople and people working on television.

As not only a master of a wide range of techniques/skills, but also a Kevin Murphy Golden Key category trainer, she brings new trends from all around the world to Lithuania, and improves the qualifications of other masters in the area of colour management. Masters with this level of technical skills are invited to work for the best fashion house presentations.

Since she is a fan of products with a healthy natural composition, she also conducts seminars and gives lectures on hair cosmetics and harmful ingredients in care product composition.

The creative director’s main principles for her work are maintaining the highest level of professionalism, accuracy and preservation of health. She finds it interesting to combine precision and playfulness, romance and high class, and to face new challenges with each client, because it is only challenges that can make a person improve.

The range of cosmetics manufacturers

1. Producers of primitive cosmetics. Their cosmetic products are usually simple, hand-crafted cosmetics, without any exceptional active ingredients, which are produced without using any modern technologies. The only characteristic of these cosmetic products is that they are natural. However, they will not have an effector bring good effects or results.

2. Deceptive cosmetics manufacturers. Usually they mislead clients with the green packages of their products or the names of one or few vegetable extract names. Others switch well-known harmful materials with even more harmful ones, which are, however, unknown to the public. The result? We have regular products which are toxic and have an undeserved reputation for being ecological. They also cost more, while providing only a short-term illusion of healthiness.

3. Advanced cosmetics manufacturers. These producers use the newest technologies and the most advanced, biologically active materials, and create products that are beneficial and effective for health. There are a lot of wonderful materials in this world which do not harm people and are also environmentally friendly. The advanced cosmetics manufacturers choose this approach and provide their clients with high-quality, inspected compositions that have a great effect. This is also the way the Greenas hair care line is produced.

Greenas provides safe alternatives, allowing you to efficiently and safely take care of you hair.

Natural does not mean primitive, as the Greenas haircare line proves. There is a prevailing stereotype that natural products can only mean primitive, simple products, which do not give results –or give only minimal results. Hair stylists joke that these shampoos are not prepared in someone’s kitchen using a decoction of nettle and picked chamomile. Currently, the newest technologies allow for other possibilities and the natural product is quite advanced.

By using natural, non-essential, but advanced hair care products, we do not need to give up our hair-washing habits. The shampoo created on the basis of natural and safe ingredients foams just as good than the one that contains the most destructive kind of sodium, laureth sulphate – here it is replaced by a natural foaming material which was extracted from coconuts.

Natural, certified, effective haircare elements, active ingredients and safe technologies not only protect the hair from harmful influences from the surrounding environment, but also nourish, calm, moisturize, and effectively fight something that many people dread – dandruff.


Today, we can rejoice at the growing range of Greenas Line; its modern laboratory, which creates and manufactures this line; and the fact it can collaborate with other laboratories around the world. As a result, the products contain the most advanced and biologically active and certified materials. The Greenas haircare line is distinguished by its combination of natural, effective and haircare elements, and certified organic, mild, colour-tolerant, biologically active conditioners.

The Greenas line is friendly both to the environment and to humans, and does no harm to either. It simplifies daily haircare, and helps people fight scalp problems, as well as preventing scalp and hair diseases. With Greenas you can combine beauty and health.

In addition, the Greenas haircare line will delight the whole family! Natural ingredients also protect children’s hair and scalp, and so they are good even for our smallest ones. An extremely gentle formula without aggressive washing agents protects the color of dyed hair. In addition, Greenas shampoo and conditioner can be used according to need – several times a day if necessary, which is especially important for those who exercise or wash their hair every day.


  • Very expensive – natural ingredients are pricier than synthetic ingredients, therefore producers of non-natural cosmetics frequently manipulate the price to be higher “for being natural”. Actually modern technologies already allow for extracting, processing and transporting natural ingredients at optimum costs.
  • Short effective shelf-life – it became usual to us that natural cosmetics are produced at home, mixed by hand, under the less than sterile conditions under the less than sterile conditions of the home, then being kept in the fridge and that it goes bad quickly. It is possible to provide a period of effectiveness of two years (or more) when using a homogeniser, protected from contact with air in modern laboratories.
  • Inefficient – it is believed that if the cosmetics are not natural, they are unattractive to use: they do not carry out their function, do not comply with modern-time requirements and can be used only by young people with healthy hair.
  • Primitivism – the products are primitive, made from just 2-3 ingredients, which can easily be mixed under home conditions without any special equipment and without any special knowledge being required.
  • Discomfort in use – very little foam, cannot be cleaned easily, clogs sinks.