Greenas Salon

Greenas is more than just another hair salon; it is a new beauty concept. We believe that everyone is wonderful, but there is one condition you have to fulfil in order to reveal your individual beauty – you have to be healthy.


Are you planning to change your image? Why not start with your hairstyle? Visit our salon and we will help you to make the right decision.

Hair Colouring

We perform hair colouring using different techniques with hair dyes that are ammonia free and gentle to your hair, as well as with Olaplex. Thanks to the unique structure of the dyes’ molecules, the impact on the hair and scalp is very gentle and long-lasting.


Your glamorous spring haircut starts here!

Haircare products

We only use and sell products that are extremely high-quality, organic and cherish your hair.

A modern laboratory that develops and produces their line of hair care products has a unique opportunity of collaborating with laboratories from all over the world, making this line feature the most innovative, biologically active and certified ingredients. The hair care line is exceptional in meeting the highest professional standards, ensuring the immediate effect and maximum satisfaction experienced by the customers after their visit at the salon.


We will highlight your healthiness and individual beauty and accentuate your unique facial features, and help reveal your personality by creating an individual style.


Every person is wonderful, but there is one condition that needs to be fulfilled in order to reveal your individual beauty – you have to be healthy. We will help you reveal your healthiness and natural beauty!

The word ‘Greenas’ comprises a dual meaning through the word play of the English term ‘green’ and the Lithuanian one ‘grynas’ (‘gryn’ is the way the English word ‘green’ is pronounced in Lithuanian), meaning ‘genuine, pure and simple’.

Our main goal is being natural, PROFESSIONAL, eco-friendly as well as showing care and devotion to our clients and loyalty to our own philosophy.