Anti-dandruff shampoo with amber oil


Anti-dandruff shampoo with amber oil

  • Helps to reduce scalp’s inflammatory processes;
  • Helps to remove dandruff;
  • Relieves scalp;


• For sensitive skin which is affected by dermatitis and psoriasis;
• To restore the natural balance of scalp skin;
• For greasy hair while dandruff and itching exist.



Anti-dandruff shampoo with amber oil

Anti-dandruff shampoo is for sensitive and damaged skin, lacklustre and hard brushing hair.

Amber oil is the good anti-inflammation agent in composition with other acids of natural origin restores healthy skin surface pH. Amber oil can reduce redness, itchy and skin irritation.

Lactic acid improves the process of skin regeneration, helps against dandruff, also, removes dead and unhealthy skin cells.

Soft natural foam (sodium cocoamphoacetate) removes dirtiness without drying the skin and hair.

The complex of citrus essential oils reduces scalp skin sensitivity and activates blood flow, therefore stimulates hair growth and smells pleasant.

The best results are achieved when the shampoo is used with other “Greenas” hair care products.