Kit: Enriched


Kit: Enriched

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Enriched shampoo:

  • All skin types;
  • Normal and damaged hair;
  • Long, tangled hair;
  • Short hair, if you are unwilling to use a balm.

Volume: 250 ml.

Enriched hair balm:

  • Makes hair gentle, fluffy, eases hair brushing;
  • Gives natural shine;
  • Restores hair surface.

Volume: 250 ml.

Hair tonic:

  • Strengthens weak and thin hair;
  • Helps to reduce hair loss;
  • Stimulates faster hair growth;
  • Increases the hair volume without hair styling products

Volume: 250 ml.

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Enriched shampoo

Enriched shampoo

The enriched shampoo is for all skin types as well as for normal and dry hair (damaged hairs).

Natural ecological cleansing agent enriches hair with Betaine and Panthenol while cleaning hair shampoo does not damage the skin and softly removes dirtiness.

Extract of cactus is highly rich with amino acids and polysaccharides which have moisture adding and antioxidant characteristics. Cactus extract ensures skin comfort and extra moisturising; hair restores its elasticity.

An advanced complex of hydrolysed plants proteins (suitable for vegans) is similar to natural hair keratin perfectly restore hair structure. Fulfils surface damages, complex makes hair stronger and resistant to various mechanical and chemical damages.

Essential oils of lavender and rosemary – shampoo components- create a pleasant aroma which well-affects skin and blood flow. Furthermore, aromatic litsea softly calms and can drastically reduce scalp sebum production. Moreover, essential oils have extremely deodorant and antiseptic features.

Body wash

Enriched hair balm

Extremely restoring and smoothing hair balm. Enriched hair balm for dry, hard, whitened and curly hair, to restore its structure, to make it smooth and soft.

Shampoo consists of silk and plants micro-proteins, extremely rich composition of baobab and argan oils, as well as, natural essential oils. This composition of natural ingredients used from the oldest times and by the newest technologies to take care of your hair shine and smooth, helps hair to be resistant to the mechanic and negative sun effect. The fascinating aroma of aromatic litsea covers with a memorable sillage.

Hair tonic

Hair tonic

Hair tonic with herbal extract is used to strengthen weak, damaged hair, also it is used against hair loss; for all hair types to prevent hair loss.

This product was created in a modern laboratory selecting the newest and biologically active ingredients of natural origin used to strengthen hair.

The tonic composition is enriched with the most efficient herbal extracts, active components which normalise scalp, stimulate the growth of health, strength and dense hair. The active substance D-panthenol soothes irritated skin after the inflammation, stimulates skin renewal processes.

Hops extract and caffeine activates surface capillary blood flow, tone skin cells, thus nutrients are absorbed better. Moreover, hops extract normalises fat metabolism, helps protect against dandruff.

Honey extract, as well as aloe’ leaves extract and poppy seeds oil enriches scalp and hair with necessary nutrition elements and moisturising substances.

Humidity balance is kept and hydrolysed by collagen, also, this substance restores damaged scalp, increases hair elasticity and protect against hair breakage.

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