Kit for Him. That He will feel Your love every day!

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Kit for Him. That He will feel Your love every day!

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Sport shampoo:

  • All skin types;
  • Normal and damaged hair;
  • Long, tangled hair;
  • Short hair, if you are unwilling to use a balm.

Volume: 250 ml.

Body wash:

  • All skin types; for daily body SPA rituals;
  • For those who go in for sports and those who have dry skin due to frequent water procedures

Volume: 250 ml.

  • Description


Sport shampoo

This is the gentle shampoo for those who frequently wash hair. The ecologic cleaning agent is softened with chamomile and lavender hydrolates and complemented with betaine and glycerol to avoid negative consequences of frequent hair washing.

Silk proteins make hair stronger and prevent hair from breaking while menthol pleasantly cools which is especially pleasant after doing sports and to tone the scalp.


    • Apply the usual amount of shampoo on wet hair and gently massage your hair with it. Spread the shampoo throughout the length of your hair.
      • One more time rinse hair with warm water and apply some shampoo again. Therefore, well massage the scalp skin until the shampoo is foamed.
      • Rinse with plenty of warm water.
      • If it is necessary, the procedure can be repeated.
      • Natural shampoos which not contain the silicone do not smooth hair. For our shampoos, we use natural polymer xanthan gum which reduces hair felting. It is enough to use only a shampoo if your hair is short or healthy. However, in the case when hair is dry or damaged it is necessary to use conditioning products (balm, mask).

Body wash

A “Greenas” body wash consists of bioactive components for daily body care rituals.

Cleaning agents of plant origin softly clean all types of skin without damaging the protective skin surface. Rich body wash composition lets to remove dirtiness and nourish skin with vitamins and antioxidants.

D-panthenol (provitamin B5) intensively moisturises dry skin and soothes the skin (has anti-inflammatory effect). Betaine keeps skin’s water balance, therefore, increases skins elasticity and reduces signs of ageing.

Lactic acid stimulates regeneration of skin surface, gives smoothness and brightness. The warm and refreshing aroma composition will relax and make fell positive for the whole day! The body wash is suitable for vegans.


  • A small amount of the body wash gently apply on wet skin, with massaging moves apply it and rinse thoroughly with water.

For optimum comfort, it is recommended to use another “Greenas” products.

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