Kit: Let’s love ourselves every day!

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Kit: Let’s love ourselves every day!

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67.00 40.00

Everyday shampoo:

  • Makes hair shiny;
  • Makes hair stronger;
  • Moisturises and balances scalp PH.

Volume: 250 ml.

Everyday hair balm:

  • Makes hair gentle, fluffy, ease hair brushing;
  • Gives natural shine;
  • Restores hair surface.

Volume: 250 ml.

Scalp and hair mask

  • To moisturise and nourish all hair types;
  • Prophylaxis and care of extremely scaling, sensitive and prone to inflammation skin;
  • For those who want to restore and make hair structure stronger, for dull hair.

Volume: 110 g.

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Everyday shampoo

Gentle hair shampoo removes dirtiness without drying the skin and hair.

Burdock extract makes hair stronger and stimulates its growth, provitamin B5 moisturises, helps to restore damaged hair structure, betaine makes hair elastic.
Acids of natural origin restore hair and scalp skin pH, ease hair brushing, hair becomes shiny and unencumbered.

The complex of essential oils reduces scalp sensitivity and dryness, activates blood flow what stimulates hair growth and makes hair smell good. Hair becomes smooth, shiny and malleable. Nourishing, well foaming, smells of incense note in the citrus background.

Everyday hair balm

Hair balm is for all hair types to moisture, nourish and restore hair surface.

Cold pressed coconut, sunflowers and castor oils, as well as, shea butter lightly nourish and help to restore the healthy look of hair and scalp surface layer. Vitamin B5 (panthenol) moisturises, soothes the skin, reduces itching, helps to restore the structure of damaged hair. This combination improves hair flexibility, elasticity and resistance.

Citrus essential oils activate scalp blood flow due to stimulate hair growth, energise and give hair a pleasant smell.

Scalp and hair mask 

One of the components of hair balm is a conditioner which makes hair smooth, shiny, fluffy, ease hair brushing. Light balm texture makes hair unencumbered, therefore it can be used for thin hair.

It is especially convenient to use and apply balm evenly over the entire length of the hair due to a liquid consistency. Designed for both professional and home use.

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