Sea salt with lavender

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Sea salt with lavender


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  •  Reduces skin itching, redness, roughness and increases the moisture of stratum corneum (prevents it from quick evaporating);
  • Normalises scalp condition and revitalises;
  • Regulates the production of secreted sebum;
  • Gives hair fluffy look at the roots, it can be used as a stiffener.


  • For sensitive, dry and the skin affected by dermatitis or other illnesses;
  • To use against dandruff;
  • To give hair a fluffy look;
  • To nourish skin with minerals and to revitalise.
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Sea salt with lavender

Sea salt with lavender is used for irritated and damaged skin. It helps to restore healthy upper skin layer especially if it is used with other “Greenas” products for sensitive scalp.

Contained sea salt gives natural hair volume at the roots, balances sebum secretion, also, it has anti-inflammatory properties, can speed up the healing of scratches.

Hydrolate of lavender with extract of aloe maintain the skin moisture balance, soothe skin, help to regenerate it. Moisturises and soothes dry and damaged skin. Extract of aloe has a protective UV filter, gives hair elasticity and shine. Allantoin conditioning the skin, reduces allergic reactions and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Try with other  „Greenas“ products.

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100 ml


Spray it on the scalp and/or hair. Not rinse. When the skin was smoothed beauty treatments and hairstyles can be performed. It is usable unlimitedly, frequently and protractedly.


Aqua, *lavandula angustifolia water, *sea salt, *aloe arborescens leaf extract, allantoin, **linalool, **geraniol, **coumarin, **limonene.
*Certified ecological components.
** Components of essential oils.

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